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Privium Tickets

Experience Free Your Mind Festival on a whole different level with Privium Access. Park your car backstage next to your favorite DJ's and skip the queue to enter the festival. FYM is offering limited Privium Access for those who want to go that extra mile.

Go on stage (yes, ONSTAGE) and experience FYM like you're the DJ! In the special Privium Area's you can get additional catering options and also charge your phone so you can have your socials up to date.

Enjoy FYM to the fullest with Privium Access.


Privium package benefits:

🔊 Main & Bridge backstage access 
↪️ Backstage entrance (skip the queue)
💳 Tokens sales backstage
⛱ Chill area
🍱 Upgraded Food & Drinks
⚡️ Charge your phone 
🚽 Premium toilets 
👕 T-Shirt 
💄 Make up / Refresh area



💳 Buy tokens online (with discount)
🔑 Backstage lockers
🚗 Parking in front of entrance (please note, you will not be able to leave the terrain between 22:30 - 01:00)